Fragmented Environments written Winter 2016 - Summer 2018
by Evan Magoni
released on ygrade

"I really believe that all humans, no matter how many people they’re connected to or how many friends they have, really spend most of their lives by themselves. You experience things in ways that are very difficult to explain in words or in conversation. I always think about that when I’m composing music. I’m never really composing for people, but for an individual listener."
- Jeff Mills

"In some ways I think obscurity can reveal layers that exist in everything. When we see or hear something that is familiar or known it often doesn't challenge us, and so we don't readily challenge it back, or question what's there and why."
- Repeat Pattern

We are dust motes, living out our entire lives within the span of an infinitesimal slice of time. Fragmented Environments tells the story of inhabiting daily experience while pushing at the doors of the infinite. It is an attempt to create a space of our own. A wrestling for control over the restless mind by creating new objects with which to engage.

Here, environments consist of sounds, thoughts, feelings; constructed or encountered. These synthetic environments may aid in subverting automatic perceptions and responses to familiar surroundings, ideologies, and relationships.